Regional Specialists


RCCR&R Regional Specialists offer a cross section of professional services to child care staff and children/families through special enhancements. Our staff includes Infant-Toddler Specialists, Behavior Specialists, and School-age Specialists.


Infant-Toddler Specialists support quality improvement for infants and toddlers in licensed child care settings by providing in-depth technical assistance and training to infant and toddler teachers and center directors or family child care providers. Infant-Toddler Specialists are funded through the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education, and are certified in areas such as Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC), Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL), and ITS-SIDS.

Services include:

For more information, please contact Jennifer Anderson, Infant/Toddler Specialist.


In 2005 the North Carolina Division of Child Development established funding for a statewide Healthy Social Behaviors Initiative. This initiative approved Behavior Specialists to provide specialized consultation, technical assistance and training to help prevent expulsion in the pre-school setting. Our scope of work is to focus on identifying, preventing and addressing challenging behaviors and promoting social competencies in children at licensed child care centers. Through coaching, teachers will receive 1-on-1 assistance to determine strategies that will teach children socially appropriate behaviors, help gain valuable insight with classroom management techniques, as well as provide tools that promote child-centered learning activities that promote social behaviors. Research reports that social-emotional skills are directly related to school success and children are more likely to enjoy learning if they are introduced to them!

Each specialist can provide evidence based resources, as well as on-site trainings to meet your classroom or individual child focus needs as requested.

For more information, please contact Hortense Lucas, Healthy Social Behavior Specialist/Supervisor or Margaret Ufot, Healthy Social Behavior Specialist.


The Regional School-Age Services are provided through the DCDEE State Child Care Consultants for Randolph, Rockingham and Guilford Counties (Region 11) in North Carolina. RCCR&R and other representatives from Rockingham and Randolph CCR&R staff are also trained in school-age curriculum and can offer specific topics in school-age program domains. See attached referral form to obtain specific assistance related to School-age programs.

Areas of focus include the following:

  • Offer the state required Basic School-age Care (BSAC) training
  • Offer the Standardized School-age Care Environmental Rating Scale training (SACERS)
  • On-Site Technical Assistance Consultations for programs striving to achieve temporary licensure or increase to a 3, 4 or 5 star status

For more information, please contact Justine Newman or Ayana O'Neil.

Contact Our Regional Staff & Specialists

Helen Lytch
Contracts Manager/Trainer
(336) 369-5034

Tanya Robinson-Caldwell
RCCR&R/Parent Service Coordinator
(336) 369-5021

Cornisha Hardison
Scholarship/Parent Specialist/Trainer
(336) 369-5024

Ayana O'Neil
Training/Professional Development Specialist /SPoE Specialist
(336) 369-5037

Nancy Bartlett
CACFP Provider Services Coordinator/Trainer
(336) 369-5039

Jennifer Medley
Nutrition Specialist/Trainer
(336) 369-5030

Christina McCormick
Nutrition Specialist/Trainer
(336) 369-5033

Justine Newman
Nutrition Specialist/Trainer
(336) 369-5032

Anthony Mosley
Nutrition Specialist
(336) 369-5029

Nutrition Specialist/Trainer
email will be updated when position filled
(336) 369-5031

Hortense Lucas
Healthy Social Behavior Specialist
(336) 369-5022

Margaret Ufot
Healthy Social Behavior Specialist
(336) 369-5016

Jennifer Anderson
Infant/Toddler Specialist
(336) 369-5026

Justine Newman
School-Aged Support

RCCR&R Intern
(336) 369-5024

For Randolph and Rockingham County referrals, please call GCD at 336-378-7700. For all other information, use the contact information below

In Randolph County

Randolph County CCR&R
Randolph County Partnership for Children
369 Sunset Avenue
Asheboro, NC 27203
336.629.2128 Ext. 30
Toll Free Child Care Referrals: 1-800-289-5098
Fax: 336.328.1402

In Rockingham County

Rockingham County CCR&R
The Rockingham County Partnership for Children
PO Box 325
7572 NC Hwy 87/65
Wentworth, NC 27375
Toll Free Child Care Referrals: 1.800-289-5098