What Parents Are Saying

“My son attended Guilford Child Development’s Metropolitan for one year and he loved it! He now attends Gillespie Park Elementary School as a kindergartener where he receives awesome grades. I receive compliments all the time on how Nigel already knows how to do a lot of the activities they are teaching and how well he was able to adjust to a bigger classroom and school. Nigel is ahead of his class and I truly thank the teachers and staff at “Metropolitan.”

— Wyndon W. K., Head Start Parent

“I was so thrilled to hear a compliment for one of your last year’s Head Start students at McElveen. It was concerning little Blen who was freshly arrived from the Montagnard region of Vietnam. She spoke no English and she had few of the social skills of her American peers because of the differences in culture. This past Friday, I was visiting Blen’s school where she is in Kindergarten. I met the ESL teacher who informed me that Blen’s English is so good that she does not qualify as an ESL pupil! In addition, her kindergarten teacher says that Blen is the smartest child the class. When I recall that dear little girl, still sort of an “untamed” child of nature I brought to you, I think this comes under the heading of a miracle. Your teachers and school are fantastic; the atmosphere is totally loving and soundly grounded in the best educational techniques. As a former preschool teacher myself, I salute each of you for your skills and dedication. I am so proud of Blen and it is all thanks to you and your associates.”

— Ann S.

“Your lead teacher, Mr. Williams, at the McElveen Center has been a blessing to my son as well to my family. My son was having speech trouble after having a Tympanostomy (insertion of ventilating tubes in his ears). I tried getting him help through local companies. Without the means, I experienced no luck. During 2008, my son moved to McElveen, where Mr. Williams immediately saw a need and helped my son tremendously. Within no time, my son began to receive the help he needed. My son is now communicating more effectively, and is thriving within his new environment.”

— Kimberly R., Head Start Parent

“Guilford Child Development is more than day care. It’s a learning place and the children are monitored on their progress. When my grandchildren were in my care, I was a working person at the time and had to get them into Guilford Child Development's Head Start program. They learned so much while attending the center, and I was informed of their progress and what they needed to work on. When it was time for kindergarten, they were well prepared.”

— Joanne F., Head Start Grandparent