Family Goal Setting

How can our HS/EHS program benefit your family?

Our comprehensive family-centered program can help you:

  • Prepare your child for success in school
  • Further your education
  • Assist you with employment
  • Meet new acquaintances and provide networking experiences
  • Support your parenting skills
  • Improve your self-concept
  • Become self sufficient
  • And much more!

Family Advocates are the heroes of Head Start/Early Head Start. They help you find the resources and services you and your family need for school and life success. Once enrolled in our programs, you can visit with your Family Advocate as often as you like. He or she will provide the support and guidance you need as you work toward achieving your goals.

Your Family Advocate can also help with concerns about your child's school requirements, your parental obligations, and volunteer opportunities.

Here's what one Head Start/Early Head Start parent had to say about working with a Family Advocate:

“Kim was just encouraging me about what I want in life. I told her I want to go back to school and work. I want to do both if I can. I believe I can. She said we’re going to get you on that track, and I’ll keep your word, and I’m going to stay on you. I am just thankful she was a family advocate and just stayed on me."

— Tanecia, HS/EHS Parent

Parent Engagement

A child is better equipped to succeed in school and in life when there is good communication between the home and school. We recognize and support parents as the primary educators for their families. Our staff works closely with parents to identify literacy needs, improve awareness on the issues of fatherhood and assist them in assuming leadership roles.

Once enrolled in HS/EHS, you can contact our Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Coordinator or speak with your Family Advocate about any of the following ways to get involved: Activities, Employment, Recognition, and Committees.


  • Parent Training Workshops
  • Mutual Support Group Development
  • Book Club
  • Fatherhood Development
  • Parent Field Trips
  • Nutritional Activities
  • Family Literacy
  • GED and Continuing Education Classes
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Parent Committee
  • Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Parent Mentoring
  • Policy Council


As an enrolled HS/EHS parent, you have the opportunity to apply for permanent or substitute positions with the agency. Parents can apply with their Center Director as positions become available. We place parents in positions that match their abilities, interests, and availability. We also provide training and ongoing technical assistance for parents interested in pursuing a career in child development. We have a Professional Development Coordinator who assists parents with taking this career path.


Below are some of ways we recognize parents and show how much we care about the families we serve:

  • Volunteer of the month
  • Volunteer of the year
  • Parent of the year
  • Conference participant
  • Paid classroom substitute teacher
  • Workshop presenter
  • Parent mentor
  • Father of the year
  • Outstanding Grandparents and Foster Grandparents


The Parent Center Committee and Policy Council are comprised of parents whose children attend one of our 12 child development centers.

All parents of enrolled HS/EHS children are part of the parent committee. Each year, our individual centers elect parent officers to represent the parent body.

The center committee's purpose is to share information, discuss program activities, and to evaluate the needs of children.

The Policy Council's purpose is to involve parents and the community in the Head Start/Early Head Start decision making process.

Each center committee elects officers during the first center committee meeting in September.

Training and support are provided throughout the year.