What Parents Are Saying

“Nurse-Family Partnership has helped me shape my life. Before the program, I had no clue how I was going to get and keep my life on track. I have started school for cosmetology since NFP has helped me get my son into Early Head Start. He, too, has excelled and benefited from the program. We are grateful for Nurse-Family Partnership, and I will never forget the values and care that the program and the nurses have instilled. I hope that someone else in need gets a chance to experience the program, because it is great and really helps young parents come into themselves and learn to appreciate help, even when asking is hard.”

— Toni, Nurse-Family Partnership Client

“Before Nurse-Family Partnership, I was coping with being a single mom and not having a father do his part for our baby, Natalia. I wanted to improve my life and situation and not struggle like my mother did. I love working with my nurse, LaWanda, because I can get my questions answered about what’s going on with my body. I was shy at first, and now I want to be a really good mom to Natalia. I feel like I have grown a lot from this experience. I’m taking courses at GTCC so I can one day become a nurse."

— Dominique, Nurse-Family Partnership Client