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Having a Baby?

Are you pregnant for the first time and struggling financially or emotionally? Guilford Child Development’s (GCD) Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program provides FREE in-home care before and after your child is born.

Improved Pregnancy Outcomes

  • Help you obtain prenatal care from your physician
  • Help you reduce use of cigarettes, alcohol and illegal drugs (if any apply to you)
  • Teach you about what to expect during pregnancy, delivery, and the first few months of your newborn’s life
  • Monitor your health and the health of your baby
  • Help you avoid unnecessary anxiety and unnecessary trips to the emergency department

Improved Child Health and Development

  • Teach you how to care for your child and provide your child with a positive home environment
  • Teach you how to nurture your child
  • Help you create a safe environment, both within and around the home, were your child can live and thrive
  • Teach you safe and consistent practices of child discipline
  • Help you get proper health care for their child

Improved Maternal Life Course Development Can Help You:

  • Keep your life on track and develop a vision for your future
  • Make reasoned choices about the partners, family and friends who are involved with your child
  • Plan future pregnancies
  • Continue your education and reach your educational and personal goals
  • Find adequate employment
  • Become a better advocate for yourself and your child
  • Become more self-reliant

Programs We Offier

  • Play Dates (clients and the nurses interact with the children in a public setting including the Children's Museum, the library or even a restaurant)
  • Training's
  • Mentor Programs
  • Baby Bucks
  • Help in the community

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Free In-Home Care

When you're enrolled into GCD's Nurse-Family Partnership program, a nurse home visitor meets with you before and after the birth of your child.

Caring for Your Baby

Prenatal education is a crucial aspect of a healthy delivery. Pregnant adolescents and women who enroll in these programs receive comprehensive and relevant information about what to expect during pregnancy.

What Parents Are Saying

Hear firsthand from mothers who have benefited from the Nurse-Family Partnership program.

Have Questions?

Our Central Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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Meet Our Staff

Nurse Family Partnership 336-369-5080

Mishawn Carrington- Director
Dana Donaldson- Administrator

Sherika Johnson- Nurse Family Advocate
Beverley McCoy- Nurse Family Advocate
Lea Ann Greer- Nurse Family Advocate
Katherine Kanoy- Nurse Family Advocate
Pam Hawks-Nurse Family Advocate
Donya Lucas- Medical Interpreter

Nurse-Family Partnership Receives Generous Support From The Following Funders:

  • Cone Health Foundation
  • The Duke Endowment
  • The Foundation for a Healthy High Point
  • Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
  • March of Dimes
  • North Carolina Department of Public Health
  • Volvo Corporation