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Free In-Home Care

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In-Home Care

Once you’re enrolled into GCD’s Nurse-Family Partnership program, a nurse home visitor meets with you according to the following schedule.

Visits During Prenatal Care

Ideally, visits begin early in the second trimester (14-16 weeks gestation)

Visits are weekly for the first month after enrollment and then every other week until your baby is born.

Purpose: Teach you about what to expect during pregnancy, delivery, and the first few months of your baby’s life. Help you establish personal goals and become more self-reliant.

Visits After Your Child is Born

  • Weekly for the first six weeks
  • Twice per month until your child reaches 20 months
  • Monthly until your child reaches two years old

The purpose of these visits is to teach you about the growth and development of your baby, monitor the health of you and your baby, and continue working towards achieving your personal goals.

Please make sure you meet ALL of the following eligibility requirements before applying for the Nurse-Family Partnership program.

NFP Eligibility Requirements

  • First time mom
  • Less than 28 weeks pregnant
  • Not enrolled in any other home-visitation program
  • Classified as income eligible according to the NC Poverty Guidelines