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PNC/Swarm Celebrate End of Season with GCD; GCD Teacher & CEO Honored

On Thursday, March 21, 2019, Guilford Child Development received many honors at the Greensboro Swarm game. The Greensboro Swarm is Greensboro’s G-League basketball team and an affiliate of the Charlotte Hornets professional basketball team. At the beginning of the season, GCD was chosen by PNC to be the beneficiary of a special partnership between the Swarm and PNC Bank. For every 3-point shot the Swarm made at a home game this year, PNC donated $3 to GCD! For the season, the Swarm made 276 3-pointers, which is amazing! The team even supported GCD on social media throughout the season by posting Facebook and Twitter updates with the running 3-point total and amount donated per game. This helped draw attention to GCD’s work over several months.

During half-time, Weston M. Andress, PNC’s Regional President of Western Carolina, presented GCD with an $800 check for the season! “Guilford Child Development is a true leader in early childhood education and works tirelessly to support its families” said Andress “We appreciate the Swarms’ commitment to honoring pre-K teachers and helping build a strong workforce for tomorrow.”

As part of PNC’s Grow Up Great celebration for 2019, Tymeeka Ferguson, a teacher at GCD's Staley Child Development Center, was named PNC’s Teacher Hero for 2019! She is an extraordinary teacher who goes above and beyond her typical teaching duties for her preschool students and their families.

“I would first like to say, I am extremely grateful for having received this award. I was not expecting to be awarded the PNC Grow Up Great 2019 Teacher Hero award,” said Ferguson. “I feel truly blessed. During the Swarm game my heart raced just thinking about getting up in front of all those people and receiving this award. I felt so very proud that so many people believed in me. By them believing in me, that showed they believed in the profession of teaching. That means a lot to so many teachers out there. Along with the award I received flowers, balloons, an iPad for my classroom, and funding for a Donorchoose.org project. I am truly obliged for this great honor and recognition given by PNC, GCD and Greensboro Swarm. Thank you very much!”

Also during the evening, our Chief Executive Officer, Robin Britt was named a Captain in the Community! This award was presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield and was given to Robin for his commitment to helping families in the community. As part of his recognition, he received an autographed Swarm Basketball. Robin has been the Executive Director of Guilford Child Development for 21 years.

It was truly a wonderful evening to celebrate with the Swarm and PNC staff from Charlotte and Greensboro.

Read more about the partnership between the Swarm and PNC that supported GCD here.


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