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Parent Group Establishes Little Free Library at GCD

Families from Guilford Child Development’s Learning Together and Family Success Center programs have been working to identify concerns in the community, find solutions for them, and advocate or implement those solutions. This is called family service learning and is supported by a grant from the National Center for Families Learning. One of their immediate concerns was access to new books for both their children and themselves. This spawned additional brainstorming that led the parent group to the Little Free Library website, which provides a listing of small boxes all over the country that allow communities to “Take a book & Return a book.”

After some research and discussion, moms involved in the initiative came to a consensus that they wanted to start a Little Free Library at GCD’s Central Office. They got started immediately and found materials to build their Little Free Library. After painting the first coat of paint, the moms left the unit outside the office one day to dry. And to their dismay, someone mistook it for scrap metal and presumably took it to sell for scrap metal.

Despite that slight setback, the group was determined to finish what they started. The moms rallied together to find another box for the project by networking with staff to get another box donated – a previously used newspaper distribution box! The group of families (both parents and children) painted the second box with messages and family-friendly drawings to illustrate their love of learning and excitement for the books that would be stored within the box.

After completing the decorating process, the moms planned a small soft-launch ceremony at GCD to celebrate their accomplishment. Shortly thereafter the moms installed the box outside GCD’s Central Office and registered it to make it searchable on the national Little Free Library database.

What can you do to help?

  • Donate books for all ages (infant-adult)! Bring donations to our Central Office.
  • Visit our Little Free Library
    Guilford Child Development, Central Office
    1200 Arlington Street
    Greensboro, NC 27406
    (cross streets – Arlington Street and Andrews Street)

Find other Little Free Libraries across the country by clicking here.

Stories About Our Little Free Library

Families are already enjoying the Little Free Library!

One day after dropping of his child at Head Start, a man was seen getting books from the box. When asked what he thought about the box, he explained that he loved trading out books to read new books to his children. He’s already used it many times and looks forward to walking by the box each week to find new stories for his children.

A mom and her son have also been using the box frequently. They said they were both choosing books before getting on the bus at the new bus stop across the street. That bus stop was added across the street as a result of the work of the same group of moms that established the Little Free Library.

About Our Families Learning Project

Families from all over the world are participating in GCD’s Families Learning project, including Morocco, Mexico, Sudan, Syria, Colombia and Honduras.

This initiative is being supported by a competitive national grant opportunity. GCD was one of five Head Start organizations across the country to receive a National Center for Families Learning grant to implement a family literacy program that includes a service learning component for families. GCD is currently in the second year of the three-year grant cycle.


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