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Celebrating National Read Across America Day with Learning Together Family Literacy

March 2nd was “National Read Across America Day,”
Which coincides with Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

In 1998 the National Education Association wanted to celebrate reading,
So they created this event and started leading.

Learning Together Family Literacy planned multiple activities,
They used Dr. Seuss books to partake in the festivities!
Immigrant and refugee parents and their children ages 6 months to four,
Had fun participating in activities galore:

They read The Cat in the Hat, much to their delight,
Then painted Thing 1 and Thing Two, making them just right.

Classes read Hop on Pop with yummy bags of “Hop on Pop-corn.”
And with all the fun festivities, no one was forlorn.
Playing hopscotch children developed gross-motor skills
Spelling P-O-P as they jumped with great thrills!

Families made “rhyme-time” posters where they had to match
Rhyming words like Dr. Seuss used in The Lorax.

To spruce up the classrooms teachers put up some décor
On the walls, on the doors, and even the floor!

Learning Together works to increase what families know,
Just like Dr. Seuss said, “Oh, the places You’ll Go!”

Learning Together (LT) has four components,
Along with many partners and proponents.
Adults learn English language skills while children prepare for kindergarten,
Parent and Child Together (PACT) time brings learning by the carton!
Last but not least, adult education brings parenting lessons,
But the thing that makes us proudest is having over ten years of LT sessions!

Visit our Learning Together Family Literacy page to find out more about the program.


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