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The Summer Slide Might Sound Fun, but it isn’t a Game

The “Summer Slide” occurs when children lose academic ground over the summer because they aren’t in the classroom learning every day. Families can help reduce this gap by encouraging their children to read!

The Greensboro Public Library has a summer reading program, and ongoing family-friendly summer events for free!

  • Story time
  • Art classes
  • English language learning opportunities
  • Healthy eating classes
  • Book clubs, and more!

The High Point Public Library also has a summer reading program themed, “Build a Better World.” There are prizes that children can win at the end of the summer for participation! Along with the children’s summer reading program, High Point Public Libraries also host a teen and adult summer reading program too, which is fun for the whole family!

School starts on August 28 for Guilford Child Development as well as Guilford County Schools, so there’s still plenty of time to participate. Do you still need to register your child for Head Start or Early Head Start? Call one of our centers today to set up an appointment to complete an application.

Interested in reading more about the summer slide? Here are a few resources:


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