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Happy 50th Anniversary GCD!

Happy 2017! That means it is GCD’s 50th Anniversary…

Our New Year’s resolution is to share more about us with you!

Founded in 1967, GCD has focused on becoming a model agency that serves low-income families and children from all backgrounds to help Guilford County become a stronger community.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane:

1967 – The Metropolitan Council of Negro Women, the Greensboro Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, the Greensboro Housing Authority, the Greensboro Community Council, and various community leaders brought together a number of day care centers supported by the United Fund (now United Way of Greater Greensboro) into a single entity – United Day Care Services, Inc. (UDCS). UDCS provided child care to families in Greensboro.

1973 – Agency was approved as a Head Start program from 3-4 year old children.

1974 – Central Kitchen (now known as Catering for Kids) begins pilot program of serving meals to day care homes.

1975 – After several moves, agency moves headquarters to 1200 Arlington Street location.

1976 – Scholarship & Referral Program receives first child care applications and begins operation (now known as Regional Child Care Resources & Referral). Present-day services include child care referrals, child care scholarships, and child care provider training among other things.

1978 – Mayor E.S. "Jim" Melvin proclaims the week of Nov. 12-18 as Head Start Week in Greensboro.

1982 – Congress declares October “Head Start Awareness Month.”

1983 – Carl Staley, agency executive director, named to Governor's North Carolina 2000 Committee.

1994 – Agency changes name to United Child Development Services, Inc.

1998 – Robin Britt hired as Executive Director.

2000 – Agency received funding to provide Early Head Start services for children 0-2.

2000 – Agency became authorized to implement the Nurse-Family Partnership program to serve at-risk first time mothers from pregnancy, through delivery, until her child turns two.

2004 – Agency changed name to its current name: Guilford Child Development (GCD).

2005 – GCD starts Learning Together Family Literacy program to serve immigrant and refugee families in Guilford County by providing English language classes to adults while simultaneously providing early childhood education to their preschool aged children.

2014 – GCD held first Early Childhood Champions Luncheon honoring national and local heroes who have made an impact on early childhood education.

2015 – GCD became the lead agency for the United Way Family Success Center.

2017 – 50th Anniversary!!!! Stay tuned for more information about our Early Childhood Champions Luncheon on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about GCD’s history in Guilford County! We are committed to serving children and families across our county. If you want to get involved with any of our programs, check out this page for more information.


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