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“L” is for a Lifelong Love of Learning

As you know, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February, and that’s an opportunity to teach children about love, compassion, and caring for others. Our Head Start and Early Head Start teachers do a great job in introducing holidays to children, but more so, they use these opportunities to help children learn how to express themselves.

We engage children in hands-on interactive activities at Guilford Child Development, keeping in mind what is developmentally appropriate for the individual child. That’s one of the differences between quality child care and “babysitting.”

Did you know that Head Start/Early Head Start focuses on using Play as a learning opportunity? Research indicates that Play is one of the greatest places for learning to occur. Teachers have the opportunity to enter into a child’s world, explore their unique interests, and ask intentional probing questions to help the child learn new concepts.

Each day children spend time in carefully constructed classrooms and centers with varied materials to stimulate learning. Centers focus on the arts, building structures while learning about community, exploring books, home living where math is implemented through measuring ingredients in the play kitchen, incorporating science and nature where math is used to measure how deep to plant a seed, etc. Through community children learn skill sets needed to function in relationship with one another, to problem solve, and to develop skills they will need when they enter kindergarten.

Teachers have a lesson plan each day focused on learning and developing skill sets. We use Creative Curriculum, a curriculum focused on infants, toddlers and preschoolers, to teach children and help them develop learning skills and creativity. The Creative Curriculum concepts are woven into the classroom materials and activities whether indoors or outside.

Teaching Strategies Gold is used to assess their progress on things like Language, Literacy, and Social & Emotional Development.

All of these tools are combined to help children become ready for kindergarten and beyond that, develop a lifelong love of learning.

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