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Become an Advocate for Early Childhood Education

Together we can bring about change for the youngest generations.

Whether you are a parent or a childcare teacher, you know how important early care is for children and their families. Your firsthand experience with the challenges impacting the early childhood education system make you an ideal resource for identifying solid solutions.

When we come together to advocate for early childhood education, we become a voice for North Carolina’s youngest generations. As we grow more informed and engaged in our communities; as we share our stories and expertise, we position ourselves to demand greater investments in our children.

Change Starts Here

Creating a better future for children in North Carolina starts right here.

Whether it’s making early childhood education more accessible, increasing compensation for early childhood teachers or ensuring that all children have the resources they need to thrive, Guilford Child Development is committed to providing an environment that empowers parents and other members of the community to take action.

Get Involved

There’s no better time to fight for North Carolina’s children than now.

Joining our Early Childhood Parent Advocacy Team will equip you with the skills and support to forge relationships with elected officials and confidently engage in and change the conversation around early childhood education.

Resources for Early Childhood Advocacy

NC Child –

The North Carolina Early Education Coalition –

NC DHHS: Division of Child Development and Early Education –

Child Care Services Association –

Guilford County Partnership for Children –

Rockingham Partnership for Children –

NC Institute for Child Development Professionals

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