Learning Together is an off-campus GTCC site. Because of this, all registration, testing, and orientation are done through GTCC. Please call the Learning Together office for specific information on how to begin.

Important: Testing and orientation for adult learners must be completed with GTCC to register for the program. You will be asked to show your GTCC registration form at the assigned Learning Together site.

Greensboro ESOL

If you are interested in improving your English, need child care and/or have a child younger than 5 attending Head Start/Early Head Start or another preschool program in Guilford County AND can attend class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning from 9am-12pm (Greensboro) or Tuesday/Thursday evenings from 5:00-7:30pm (High Point), please call the Learning Together office for information on registering.

For More Information

Please use our contact form to request additional information or call (336) 369-5050.